Travel Advisor - Call for Training and Employment
Elbasan, Tirana
€ 600 - 1500
"We are looking for Travel Advisors, who are passionate about traveling. You will manage travel requirements made for business or leisure and you will provide tourism-related services and package tours on behalf of our suppliers. The goal is to keep our clients satisfied and loyal to future services.
There will be a training that will be offered in the city of Elbasan and includes Training for Travel Advisors.

Criteria and Interpersonal Skills 
Essential (E)Desirable (D) 
- Age over 18 years old.(E)
- English knowledge and other languages ​​are an advantage.(E)
- Work experience is not necessary. (Previous voluntary works appreciated) (D)
- Candidates must have excellent communication skills and build interpersonal relationships.(E)
- Good problem-solving skills and organizational skills.(E)
- Dedication to meeting deadlines and ability to work in a team.(E)
- Good writing skills and very good computer knowledge.(E)
- Sales oriented.(E)
Employment opportunity is guaranteed if you achieve high results, qualify from the post-training exam, and are Certified.

State of the art technology tools, that allows to be structured and efficient.
Focus on sales, and on customer care, free stress therapy 
Work in one of the most reliable International Travel Management Global Franchisee
Career possibilities to grow intellectually & professionally 
Very good fix payment with additional opportunities for incentivation. 

Note: Only selected candidates will be contacted.
The CV should be in one of the European formats (Europass, LinkedIn, etc) 

Skills Needed